Destination Overview

Popular: Hippo pool.

Size: 3,230 km²

Climate: Dry season from Late June to September.

Accessibility: By road and Air.

Activities: Walking Safaris, Game viewing, Filming and Photographic tourism, bird watching and camping.

Mikumi National Park is easily accessible National Park from Dar Es Salaam which is rich in wildlife and ideal for short time travellers who would like to spot number of Africa’s wild animals at a glance.

Animals in the Park includes; Lions, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Zebras, Elephants, Greater kudu, Eland, Hyena, African wild dog and Sable antelope. In addition to that the park has over 400 species of birds with the common ones include Black bellied  bustard, Lilac breasted roller and marabou storks.